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Testimonials WordPress Plugins – Top 8 Options to Consider for Better Business

Testimonials are the social proof of a business’ performance where a prospect’s decision is impacted by the actions and views of others. Social proof is an essential part of marketing. It can help you generate trust across your customers. You can easily convert visitors into customers by displaying testimonials on your site using an effective testimonials WordPress plugin. A few popular ones are listed below:

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1. Trustmary

Though we do not offer a plugin yet, you can embed testimonials with our tool almost as easily as with plugin.

2. Easy Testimonial

If you want to permit the submission of customer reviews that are then displayed on your site, you can add a feedback form for customers to fill and hence, collect testimonial data. Alternatively, you can manually insert a testimonial from the admin area of your WordPress site as well, followed by the use of a short code to display it to users.

3. Testimonials Widget

It is a flexible testimonial plugin for WordPress. In spite of the name, you can add a testimonial at anyplace on the site. Testimonial Widget features sidebar widget so you can simply show testimonials in any of the sidebars. With attractive fade and slide-in effects, a testimonial can be interactively displayed in the carousel as well.

4. Testimonial Rotator

Popular testimonial plugins for WordPress, it can be installed, integrated, and used easily. You can build a carousel for rotating testimonials that can be added anywhere on the website. Users can also generate various rotators while manually entering the information of customers like job titles, feedback, and photo.

5. Strong Testimonial

Customizable testimonial plugin for WordPress, it provides several display options that include grid layout, specific column layout, testimonial slider, masonry layout, and others. With strong testimonial, your customers can simply add their testimonials and reviews through a custom form. Also, the plugin allows embedding Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc if you want to get your customer reviews displayed on social sites.

6. Testimonial Slider

It offers a modern testimonial slider for WordPress that has an upgraded user experience. The testimonial slider provides a plain list and slider layout as well. You can add a contact form at the front end to fetch customer testimonials and use the sidebar widget and short code to add testimonial at any place on the site. Because the testimonial slider is mobile-friendly, it works well on all types of screen sizes.

7. Testimonial Basics

It is an entire management solution of testimonials for a WordPress site. ‘Testimonial Basics’ includes several sidebar widgets, feedback forms, and display styles so that you can easily collect testimonials from users. The client photos can be manually uploaded directly from the admin area of your site.

8. Testimonial

It is a simple testimonial plugin for WordPress that comes equipped with basic options along with color-selecting ability. Testimonial has draggable items and lets you choose from various font-sizes, featured photos, fonts, and text colors. You can choose to display the testimonial in the list and grid styles only because the plugin doesn’t have a rotator and slider feature.

Thus, here are a few Testimonials WordPress plugin options for you to choose the best one and get your business up and running better.

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