Does anyone really want to publicly recommend my company?

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Last edited: October 3rd, 2023

Does anyone really want to publicly recommend my company?

It’s not uncommon for companies to question whether anyone would be willing to publicly recommend them, even though they know they have high-quality product or service which creates real value to the customer.

It’s a common practice in the B2B business field to ask for and to give testimonials. For some reason, B2C businesses think that their customers wouldn’t want to give a testimonial about them, even though Amazon and other ecommerce platforms are filled with customer reviews.

Is it harder for B2C companies to get authentic customer testimonials?

From our experience, it might actually be easier for a B2C company to get authentic testimonials than for a B2B company. This is due to the fact that the decision makers in B2B businesses testimonial videos have to play a certain role a lot of the time.

In addition, the interviews and testimonials done with consumers are often times more authentic, personal and relaxed. Companies are often surprised that their happy customers are actually proud to be recommending the product or service they’re satisfied with. What’s even better is that B2C companies have a lot of satisfied customers.

As one of our Swedish videographers Daniel recently filmed a B2C testimonial, he really liked the authenticity and the easiness of the interview:

“She was really nice and really good to interview. Stay as long as you want, she said. They also offered me self-made baked good and I stayed longer than I initially planned to. It was definitely more personal and more relaxed than B2B testimonials, as she didn’t have to play a role. I could even say that this was the most authentic interview ever. She was so real with me.”

This was actually Daniel’s first B2C case and first he was thinking: “Why did they accept to being on the video? Did they get paid?” Even though the customers just wanted to be on it and didn’t get paid at all.

Thinking about doing customer testimonials for your B2C company?

If you are thinking about creating customer testimonials, don’t be scared about reaching out to your customers and asking them whether they’d like to recommend you. You can, for example, start using Trustmary for free and collect public testimonials from your customers straight away. This way you can first recognize who are willing to publicly recommend you and why. Then you can let us create a high-quality testimonial for you from the customers you want.

We have experience with over 1000 customers and it’s very rare that there would be any problems with finding volunteers for testimonials. From our experience, it doesn’t really matter if the business is operating in the B2B or B2C field.

People are in the end people and they want to help other people find good products and services they have enjoyed. Furthermore, people are interested in telling their story on how they found you and why they like you so much. Let your customers tell your story.


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