“Thanks to our bootstrapped history, there is not that much bullshit going on” – Kim Salmi, CTO @Trustmary

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Last edited: August 18th, 2022

“Thanks to our bootstrapped history, there is not that much bullshit going on” – Kim Salmi, CTO @Trustmary

Since Trustmary’s CTO Kim Salmi joined the company in 2019, he has had one clear mission: To build a well-functioning Development Team to develop Trustmary’s own SaaS product. So far, he has grown his team to four Developers. Because Trustmary just raised two million euros to boost their growth, his team will rapidly grow in the following years.

Trustmary is a testimonial tool that helps their customers to get more leads from their website. Developing such a complex product requires professionals that are passionate about writing high-quality code. Due to Salmi’s own background and expertise, he has a clear vision of how to further build his Development Team and how to keep the team happy.

– We currently have four Developers on the team. Their day starts off with coding in the morning, after which we have our dailies. After that, they go right back to coding, because that is what Developers like to do, Salmi explains.

– Actually, we try at the company level to minimize the time our Development Team spends in meetings. They are given the space to do the work they enjoy, he continues.

Bootstrapped from 0 to 750.000€ ARR

As Salmi has been at Trustmary since the very beginning of developing its software, he has seen how Trustmary grew from zero to 750.000 euros in ARR with no funding.

– Thanks to our bootstrapped history, there is not that much bullshit going on, he laughs.

At the same time, Salmi is excited about the future the funding enables.

– This funding allows us to make decisions with a longer payback time as opposed to making decisions that would bring us immediate cash flow. This really brings a longitudinal aspect to the work and ensures that we can work systematically, Salmi explains.

Several open positions in the Development Team

Salmi aims to build a perfect team. To him, the perfect team is able to make decisions together that steer the product in the right direction. Other than being perfect, Salmi’s mission is to keep his team happy and efficient.

– The people I want in my team are able to work independently and like to write good code. They should also be team players and excited about building their own product, Salmi concludes.

We are constantly looking for new developers. Check out our open positions: https://careers.trustmary.com/


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