Solving real problems makes the job meaningful – Aleksi Halsas, Product Owner @Trustmary

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Last edited: August 18th, 2022

Solving real problems makes the job meaningful – Aleksi Halsas, Product Owner @Trustmary

Trustmary’s Product Owner Aleksi Halsas acts as an interpreter between customers and Trustmary’s Software Development Team. It is his responsibility to bring the customers’ real-life problems to the developers to solve. The work the Product Team does is especially rewarding because each team member gets to use their specific expertise. Only by working together as a team, they can solve problems that are meaningful for the customers.

Trustmary is an international marketing technology company. It aims to build trust between companies and their potential customers by using recommendations from existing customers. Companies can collect and publish customer reviews directly with Trustmary’s software.

– I don’t know if Product Owner is even a really well-fitting title for me. In practice, I work in-between our customers and our developers, Halsas says while he pets Markku the dachshund, the Chief Happiness Officer at Trustmary.

It can be argued how fitting his title is, but nevertheless, Halsas is a part of Trustmary’s Product Team and works with both clients and developers.

– It’s my job to bring our customers’ needs to the software developers. My whole purpose is to bring the problems to the table to be solved, Halsas summarizes his role.

Halsas does not have a background in software development, but he has done marketing in various roles for a long time. By having worked in marketing himself, he truly speaks the same language with Trustmary’s customers and can understand their daily battles very well. After all, he has faced the problems first-hand as well. This is a huge asset for the whole Product Team.

– In my opinion, my background in marketing is a huge advantage, because we’re creating software that’s targeted at marketers. In everything we do, I always consider if those things can be commercialized or not, he explains.

“Our Product Team solves issues that truly matter to our customers”

The Product Team’s mission is to solve customers’ problems. Each team member solves problems that customers are battling with on a daily basis.

– Our customers aren’t paying us thousands of euros annually for our software just for the fun of it. Our Product Team solves issues that truly matter to our customers, Halsas emphasizes.

– If we think about this from a developer’s perspective, I’d say that it really pays off in terms of their career development and learning to work at a company where they get to actually take on responsibility and to solve real problems customers are battling with, he continues.

Excellent chances for learning

Each individual’s input has a great impact on the big picture. Every developer is given responsibility and ownership. Thanks to the speedy growth and internationalization, the Product Team has many open jobs in both Software Development Team as well as in working on the UI design.

– You’ll get to see the results of your work in practice.  On the one hand, the way we solve problems has an immediate and direct impact on our customers’ life. On the other hand, the solutions we are now building can in the future make a huge difference to new customers on the other side of the world. We have the potential to operate on a global scale, Halsas says.

– In my experience, the working environment we have at Trustmary is exceptionally good. The chances of learning are really good because you get to learn from individuals, who have coded for more than a decade, Halsas concludes.

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