“I can fully focus on coding” – Antti Kaikkonen, Full-Stack Developer @Trustmary

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Last edited: August 18th, 2022

“I can fully focus on coding” – Antti Kaikkonen, Full-Stack Developer @Trustmary

Trustmary’s Product Owner Aleksi Halsas contacted Antti Kaikkonen with a short message to ask if he would be interested in coming to work at Trustmary. Kaikkonen tested the product and was immediately impressed. It did not take long until Kaikkonen had joined Trustmary’s Software Development Team as a Full-Stack Developer.

Kaikkonen was impressed by Trustmary’s product and was excited to get the chance to focus on developing it further.

– It was a big deciding factor for me that I would be developing the company’s own product. It enables me to get to know the product thoroughly and to focus on it on a long-term basis, Kaikkonen explains why he started to work at Trustmary six months ago.

Kaikkonen feels that his work is meaningful, as the Software Development Team constantly gets feedback directly from the customers.

– When the users provide us with feedback, we know that the product is being used and that it’s creating value for them, he continues.

Developers’ time isn’t wasted on meetings

Developing your own product is great because it can be done systematically and longitudinally.

– As a Software Developer I implement new features and improve the existing features in our software, Kaikkonen explains.

At Trustmary, a lot of attention is paid to providing the developers with the time, space, and technology they need to be able to focus on their work.

– Typically, the Software Development Team has one daily meeting in the morning. For the rest of the day, I can fully focus on coding, he praises.

Growth creates new possibilities

Kaikkonen has been happy about his decision to start working at Trustmary and would recommend it to other coders as well. For him, one of the key factors affecting his workplace satisfaction has been the nice coworkers he has.

– My coworkers are just awesome. I have enjoyed working at Trustmary, because of the great people and the interesting product we have, Kaikkonen describes Trustmary as a workplace.

– To work here, you need to be motivated to create great software and to have good teamwork skills, he continues.

Trustmary just raised two million euros to boost their growth, which means that there are several open positions for experienced coders in the Software Development Team.

– I’m looking forward to helping Trustmary grow into an international software company, he concludes his thoughts about the future.

We are constantly looking for new developers. Check out our open positions: https://careers.trustmary.com/


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