#4 Repeat: Automate #1, #2 and #3 (Live Webinar Series)

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Last edited: December 29th, 2022

4 Repeat: Automate #1, #2 and #3 (Live Webinar Series)

This is the fourth and last summary post of a live webinar series about using Trustmary. If you haven’t signed up for our software’s free version yet, I suggest you do it now to make the most of this post.

Our fourth session covered how you can easily use Zapier integration and create workflows from other tools to Trustmary. We also showed how to automate actions on Trustmary. Finally, we briefly explained what API is and when to use it. If you missed the webinar, the following summarizes the session’s most essential points. You can also watch the full webinar recording here.

To quickly recap and get up to speed, we’ve had three sessions before this:

  • The first session to cover the basics of Trustmary and show you how you can create your first survey.
  • The second session to go over how you can collect feedback from your customers and convert them into reviews.
  • And the third one, where we showed how to add Trustmary’s script to your website and how to create popup notifications and use A/B testing to measure the effectiveness.

In this session, we’re talking about integrations with Zapier and automations in Trustmary. What’s the difference between these two?

With Zapier, you can create workflows (“Zaps”) between Trustmary and another platform (which should also support Zapier to work).

By automations, we mean automated processes inside Trustmary, such as triggering reminders automatically to recipients that have not answered your survey yet.

Creating an integration using Zapier

For the Zapier use, as an example, we’re going to create a Zap between Trustmary and Zoom. Every time someone signs up for a webinar, they are automatically added to the webinar survey contact list.

Start by creating a contact list you want to add your contacts to. Then sign in to Zapier and create a new workflow.

  • Define what platform you want to connect with Trustmary
  • Choose your trigger and what happens after. (In our case, the visitor registers for a webinar and is then added to the webinar survey contact list).
  • Follow the instructions on Zapier to connect your account and define what kind of information is used from the other platform. Then, test the trigger.
  • Once done, connect your Trustmary account and follow the instructions to set up the details of the actions happening here.

What are the common examples when customers use Zapier with Trustmary?

The most common situations include gaining a new customer or getting added to a survey list when making a purchase. If you’re doing longer projects with customers, you can trigger survey sending in a specific project phase.

Creating an automation

Choose ‘automations’ from the navigation panel on the left. Create and name the new survey and then choose ‘Edit rules’ from the top right corner.

  • Choose your trigger: When the contact gets added to a contact list or reply to a survey.
  • Create a step for what happens after the trigger and follow the instructions based on your chosen step. You can choose to wait, wait for an answer, or send a message.
  • Double-check the details and publish your automation.

If you need help with any of these steps, you can chat with our developer on the bottom right corner or navigate to help.trustmary.com (link).

The ‘Stage’ on the summary page indicates the number of active or completed people in the automation process. From the ‘contacts’ tab under the automation, you can also see each contact’s status individually.

What is an API?

If you cannot use Zapier to connect Trustmary with another platform, you can manually use an API key to create the connection. You can find your API keys from your organization settings from the top right corner. In brief, API brings you more options to connect with different platforms, as long as the other platform also supports API.

This is it for our first webinar series with Trustmary. Remember to keep an eye on our webinar page, trustmary.com/webinars, for upcoming events and webinars.

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