#2 Turn Satisfied Customers into Advocates (Live Webinar Series)

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Last edited: December 29th, 2022

2 Turn Satisfied Customers into Advocates (Live Webinar Series)

This is the second summary post of a live webinar series about using Trustmary. You can sign up for the upcoming sessions here and ask your questions during the Q&A at the end. (If you haven’t signed up for the free version of our software yet, I suggest you do it now to make the most of this post.)

In our second session, we covered how to collect survey responses, convert those responses into reviews, and what it means to publish them. We also discussed how you could collect video reviews and import and manage your contacts in the tool. If you missed the webinar, the following summarizes the session’s most essential points. You can also find the full webinar recording from here.

Options for collecting responses

From the navigation panel on the left, you can access the surveys you’ve created. Choose the survey you want to collect responses to and click ‘Collect’ to access the options:

  • The URL address is your unique link to this survey (copy the link or click to access the survey directly)
  • You can download the QR code and use it in live events, or include it in the package when mailing a product to your customer (we recommend providing instructions for using the code: 1. Open your phone camera 2. Scan the code 3. Click the link that pops up on the screen)
  • Email invitation (click send survey here or from the top right corner)
  • Embed the survey to your website using the script provided (if you need help, use the magnifier in the right corner for detailed instructions)

Sending an email invitation

Click ‘Send survey’ to start the process. You can

  • Name your message (this will be the name of the message that is shown on the ‘messages’ page but will not show for a respondent)
  • Choose your language and message template 

You have four different options for choosing survey recipients. You can choose

  • ‘All customers’, meaning all the contacts you have imported into the tool (you can filter contacts that have already received the message).
  • A specific contact list you’ve imported into the tool previously.
  • Survey respondents who have already received the survey and filter contacts that haven’t answered or contacts that have opened but not responded. (Great feature for sending reminders!)
  • To import contacts from an excel/CSV file or copy-paste contacts. (The system automatically processes the first and last name in the right columns that allow you to personalize your email later.)

Designing your message 

  • As a default, the message gets sent from yourcompanyname@trustmary.io, but you can choose to send it from any email address you want.
  • You can use tokens in your message to personalize it or embed your NPS question in the message.
  • You can send a test message.

Finally, the summary shows all details and the message, and you can send it right away or save it as a draft. Sending the message opens a report where you can track the opens and responses for your survey.

Converting feedback into reviews

(Yes, this is where the magic happens!) When responding to the survey, the customer gives feedback and is then directed to a page where they’re asked for consent for the public review. 

  • The customer can edit their public review
  • You can choose what information you collect for the public review in your survey settings, such as name, location, organization, profile picture, etc.

Video reviews

If you’ve enabled video reviews for the survey, the customer will be asked for an optional video review after providing a public text review. (This option is available in Plus and Enterprise plans. Check more about the features and pricing here.)

From the survey settings, you can also give your customer an option to directly share their review on social media from the ‘thank you’ page. 

Analyzing survey results

When you first open the survey, you will see a summary of the results and the most recent reviews (text and video).

You can deep dive into your results by opening the ‘responses’ view, where you can also filter responses based on a question, recency, or NPS score. You can export the data to a spreadsheet from here as well.

Publishing reviews

You have full control over your reviews, meaning nothing goes public until you mark them public. Clicking ‘Publish” on the review tells the tool that it can use the review as content on embeds and notifications. To appear on your website, you need to have Trustmary’s script embedded on your website code. More about embedding the script and publishing your reviews on our #3 webinar.

Managing contacts

You can find all your uploaded contact lists under ‘Contacts’ on the navigation panel. 

  • Under ‘All customers’ are all the contacts you’ve uploaded into the tool.
  • You can create new contact lists and name them.

A Smart list automatically gathers contacts to the list based on a rule. For example, you can choose to collect all your NPS promoters (customers that have given you a score of 9 or 10) to one list and use it to send a different kind of survey to gain more insights and collect more useful reviews you can use to build trust with your potential customers.


How do I add my email as a sender for my surveys?

Open settings from the top right corner and add a new sender under the ‘Senders’ section. After creation, you receive a verification email and, once verified, you can use the email for sending your surveys.

Where can I find my message drafts and track my survey opens and response rates?

From the navigation panel on the left, open ‘Messages’. Here, you can browse the messages and drafts. Opening a message gives you a view where you can track opens, clicks, and responses.

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