#1 Find Your Satisfied Customers (Live Webinar Series)

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Last edited: August 18th, 2022

1 Find Your Satisfied Customers (Live Webinar Series)

This is the first summary post of a live webinar series about using Trustmary. You can sign up for the upcoming sessions here and ask your questions during the Q&A at the end. (If you haven’t signed up for the free version of our software yet, I suggest you do it now to make the most of this post.)

Last week we started a webinar series about collecting feedback, turning feedback into reviews, and using it on the website as social proof to generate more sales.

In our first session, we covered the basics of Trustmary. These included updating your business profile, finding help, and creating your first survey. If you missed the webinar, the following summarizes the session’s most essential points. You can also find the full webinar recording from here.


When logging in, the tool’s first view is always the dashboard. As a default, you can see an overview of your activity in the last seven days, including

  • The number of conversions and conversion %
  • The number of notifications shown
  • Visitors
  • Pageviews
  • Your NPS score
  • Most recent reviews

Editing your profile

In the top right corner, you can find your profile settings and personal information. Important things to consider:

  • Connect your profile with your Google account to use single sign-on (this means you don’t have to log in with your email every time)
  • Control your notifications: You can opt-in or out for your biweekly Trustmary report and receive emails about new survey responses. You decide how up-to-date you want to be, and we deliver on that.

Updating your business profile

In the same top corner, the ‘open settings’ option takes you to update your business profile. You can 

  • Add and remove users
  • Update your company name and add a logo shown to customers in all the surveys (highly recommended!)
  • Public company profile
  • Add URL to your privacy policy (important to be available when collecting public reviews).
  • Control your survey sender emails

Finding help

Clicking the magnifier in the bottom right corner will instantly show you the most common questions and allow you to search for answers to your questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always click ‘ask’ and get in touch with our lead developer, who will usually answer your question within a few hours.

Another place for you to find common questions and support documentation is help.trustmary.com.

Creating your first survey

In the navigation panel on the left side, click ‘surveys’. This opens a view for all surveys made for both customers and employees. Click ‘Create a survey’, and you can

  • Choose your target audience (customers, employees) and create a survey from a template, scratch, or copy one. For your first survey, we recommend using a template.
  • Select your survey language or a multi-language survey.
  • Enable/disable video reviews for your survey (this option is available in Plus and Enterprise plans. Check more about the features and pricing here).

Once created, you can rename your survey from the top. The green ‘Questions’ button takes you to edit all the questions in the survey. Here you have control over every page, question types, conditions (both question and page level), required fields, etc. You can choose out of 13 different question types but make sure you have a ‘Comment’ type of question field for those you want to convert to public reviews.

One important thing is to always check the settings of your survey before sending it. The changes you make here will only apply to this specific survey. From the ‘settings’ tab, you can

  • Upload a separate logo for this survey in case you want to use something else than what’s on your company profile
  • Open and close your survey
  • Anonymize responses
  • Set up notifications about new responses

Overall, creating a survey with Trustmary is quick and easy and takes less than 5 minutes. In the next webinar, #2 Turn Satisfied Customers into Advocates, we will show you how to collect responses, convert feedback into reviews, and publish reviews. We will also cover the video reviews more closely and how to manage your contacts in the tool.

Trustmary is the most effective way to convert more sales by improving digital trust.