5 Tips for Instagram Marketing

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Last edited: March 6th, 2023

5 Tips for Instagram Marketing

The number of Instagram users has already passed the billion active users limit and where there are people there are also often opportunities for businesses.

Instagram marketing is not really a new thing anymore and in a way, the golden age of Instagram is already behind us, to the extent that “free” visibility is not available in the same way as, say, 2 years ago.

Even so, there is still tremendous potential for businesses on Instagram. Instagram is a particularly potential platform for companies whose products fall into the consumer field. Of course, there is potential in Instagram, especially when using paid advertising, also in the B2B field.

Here are 5 concrete tips for Instagram marketing

1. Make a clear strategy

The basis of effective Instagram marketing is a clear strategy. It is not a good idea for every business to try to increase their page’s followership and organic reach.

It is more important to evaluate the different options and to come to a conclusion on what to focus on. Roughly, you can divide your focus into four different options:

  1. Instagram organic visibility
  2. Interacting and communicating (posting, commenting, and liking)
  3. Collaboration with influencers
  4. Paid advertising

In most cases, you should focus on the last two, and don’t invest too much in increasing organic reach or interacting with the community.

If your product or service is visually attractive, it is often sensible to gain organic visibility as well.

2. Take advantage of remarketing on Instagram

Even if it would be difficult to find your target audience on Instagram, you can remarket to your followers and website visitors on Instagram just as you would on Facebook.

This will also give you a good idea of ​​whether your target audience is on Instagram or not.

You can buy advertising space on Instagram from Instagram, and also directly through Facebook Ad Manager.

For example, customer stories often work quite effectively in remarketing.

3. Use lookalike audiences or let the algorithm to do the work for you.

Lookalike audiences are also available on Instagram, just like Facebook.

So, for example, you can take your purchased customers and make a lookalike audience from them. That way, you can take advantage of your data and find people like your current customers.

Similarly, you can forget about targeting and set optimization target for purchases. If you get enough conversions, the Instagram algorithm will do the work for you and find you the people who are most likely to buy your products.

4. Keep a clear focus in the content of your Instagram page and give a reason to follow

If you want to maximize organic visibility, you may want to cut out extra filler posts from your Instagram page and post only the posts that followers want to see and interact with. The most common mistake when getting organic visibility is trying to get organic visibility without investing in the content that someone would like to see.

Your marketing message in the form of “me, me, me” doesn’t interest anyone. However, around interesting content, you can build followers that really wants to see your content.

Try to keep your audience activations as a natural part of other content, or just use stories for activations.

5. Find micro-influences

There are quite radical differences in the prices between the influencers and how engaged their audiences are. A typical mistake in companies is hanging on to the number of followers, rather than actually looking at how many comments and other engagement the publications receive.

Between impressions when there are differences and it is generally more profitable for businesses to get 100 sales from 1000 people than to get 10 sales from 100,000 people.

So look for the micro influencers in your area whose publications and comments show that his audience clearly appreciates his views and follows him.

In summary about Instagram marketing

For many businesses, Instagram marketing is a very effective way to reach their target audience. This blog covered just a few tips on how to get the most out of Instagram.