Trustmary is a review marketing software

Turn customer reviews into social proof

Use your real customers as your spokespeople and improve your conversion rate with an all-in-one social proof platform.

  • Turn customer reviews into convincing testimonials on your website
  • Collect new customer reviews or import existing reviews from different channels

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Get reviews from different channels to your website in minutes

Import and manage customer reviews from different channels to your website

  • Import reviews from social media, video hosting platforms, and review sites (e.g. Google, Facebook, G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, Yelp, Tripadvisor)
  • Quick and easy embedding with our ready-made widgets that work with any CMS

Find out the reviews that drive sales

  • Key metrics for your marketing team to gain insight into which reviews improve conversion rate the most
  • Highlight the highest impact reviews with easy-to-use widgets and templates

Collect more text and video reviews to complement the existing reviews

  • Once you have found reviews that work the best, collect more similar reviews with Trustmary

“We are able to capture testimonials at the right moment and have found some pretty creative ways to utilize them using the tools that Trustmary provides”

– Kyle Turner, Markeling Lead at Windward Software Systems Inc

Key features

Utilize multiple channels simultaneously

Import existing customer reviews from different channels from social media to review sites

Embed testimonials creatively

Turn positive reviews as web-ready testimonials with various customizable widgets

Review import in minutes

You need to just add a URL or provide access to your account, click import and after that, we will do the work for you every day automatically