Ways to ensure a good customer experience while closing a deal with customer

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Last edited: October 6th, 2023

Ways to ensure a good customer experience while closing a deal with customer

The decision making phase is already over in the customer path contract phase. The service provider has been selected and it is time to agree on the deal. What kind of things do customers remember when they do a contract? The issues listed below have repeatedly emerged from our customer surveys as important issues for success while making a contract.

1. Written agreement
2. Sketches and modeling
3. Exact and reasonably priced
4. Clear responsibilities
5. Flexible payment methods
6. Contract customizability
7. An accurate timetable estimate

Written agreement

Customers generally appreciate written contracts, which are easy to come back to when confronted with any ambiguity. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, in smaller companies whose clients know the entrepreneurs personally, clients do not see written agreements as necessary. However, the importance of written agreements is repeatedly highlighted in our research. As expected, the contracts particularly value detail and clarity.

Sketches and modeling

Depending on the service, for example, as an email attachment to a contract, it may be a good idea to submit plans or modeling of the end result, whether it is a kitchen renovation or new software development.

In general, there is rarely too much information at the contract stage, so it is best to document everything you go through at the design stage and show it to the customer at the contract stage.

Exact and reasonably priced

The contract should indicate what is included in the agreed price. It is a good idea to clearly identify any additional costs. Justifying the prices and carefully opening the pricing will convince the customer and improve the customer experience. Even if it is a big deal, even a cent above the agreed price can upset the customer and lead to complaints.

Clear responsibilities

Customers attach great importance to clear responsibilities. They want to know exactly what their responsibilities are and what the service provider is responsible for. Unclear responsibilities remain on customers’ minds and can degrade the customer experience.

In addition, customers appreciate being made aware of who should contact on if issues arise.

Flexible payment methods

As with sales, flexibility during the contract phase can improve the customer experience. Opportunities to be flexible at the point of sale, such as schedules, solutions offered, or pricing, can improve the customer experience. In the contract phase, the flexibility of payment methods can remain positive for customers.

Contract customizability

You can also make the contract phase flexible by making it easy to modify the contract. The customer may need to change the contract upon request. A smart salesperson can also provide customers with useful solutions that they have not even thought of during their customer relationship. In these situations, the customizability of the contract streamlines collaboration and improves the customer experience.

An accurate timetable estimate

During the contract phase, try to evaluate the schedules as accurately as possible. Be careful not to promise anything too fast, as being late is likely to make the customer experience bigger than the slightly longer delivery time.

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