Trustmary is a video testimonial software for easy collection and display of testimonials

Build trust and boost conversions with customer video reviews

Convince potential customers with your true advocates: existing happy customers.

  • Build trust and drive sales by showcasing impactful customer stories on your website
  • An easy-to-use platform for collecting, embedding, and optimizing video reviews

Trusted by 1000+ marketers

Let your customers praise you through videos in minutes

No need for a film crew, expensive equipment, or editing skills

  • You only need your happy customers and minutes of their time
  • No need for extensive film production and equipment
  • Save time and money with one software doing the job from collecting to displaying reviews on your website

All in just one platform: collect, display and optimize your video reviews

  • Setup takes only minutes
  • Embed video reviews on your website without any coding skills
  • Review widgets for using social proof in various ways to boost lead generation
  • Built by marketers for marketers: we play well with other software

Convert your visitors into customers with the most impactful videos

  • Find out which video reviews make the best impact, and highlight the highest performing ones to increase sales
  • Easy-to-use optimization and A/B testing tools allow you to constantly improve your reviews’ performance
  • Videos let your team get more creative with social proof to boost your website’s potential as a revenue source

“We are able to capture testimonials at the right moment and have found some pretty creative ways to utilize them using the tools that Trustmary provides”

– Kyle Turner, Markeling Lead at Windward Software Systems Inc

No strings attached.

Key features

Easy & quick collection tool

Customers can easily record videos themselves, which saves your time from manual review collection.

Track the metrics and improve

With analytics tools you can easily understand which video reviews are the most impactful ones and constantly improve lead generation.

Pre-tested review templates

Our pre-optimized video review form templates make it easy for your happy customers to help you.